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We have had so much fun going through the kit!! I love it :) It’s so colorful and inviting to use!!  Bravo :)

– Mare, La Jolla, CA; Teacher

After reading some of the on line reviews, I was expecting A LOT. I am pleased to report that the Elaine Ryan Home Decorating Kit delivers what it promises AND MORE! So easy to use, but the fun factor of being your own decorator WITH confidence is what really turned me on.  I also appreciate the convenience of the color bars, as I can pop them into my purse and have them handy when I am shopping for the perfect accent piece or paint color.  Finally, if you are old enough to remember "colorforms" then you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the repositionable stickers which allow you to set up your room so easily.  In short, this is a gift to yourself that keeps on giving and for the low cost investment it's a no brainer. DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!

– Jovan, Scottsdale, AZ

Where was the Elaine Ryan Home Decorating Kit when I was decorating my home? I could have used the furniture templates to arrange the furniture around my living room, master bedroom and my kid's rooms. And I sure could have used Elaine's Color Bars at that time because I had to change my wall colors about a zillion times so that it worked with all of the other colors in my home. If I had used this system for matching colors then the whole experience of decorating would have been delightful instead of emotionally exhausting. Fortunately I'm now able to see where I made my color matching mistakes, and I'm correcting it all! Her system is so easy to use, it's ridiculous! I'm telling you, these Color Bars are the bomb!

 - Jill, Chicago, Ill; Artist

The Elaine Ryan Home Decorating Kit is the perfect closing gift for my clients who want their new home to be comfortable and stylish.  I’m recommending it to my real estate agent friends as a great closing gift.

– Fred Glick; Real Estate & Mortgage Expert

Elaine Ryan's Home Decorating kit is a unique package. In the kit is a book by Elaine on color which becomes very personal for the reader.  She goes into great depth on the importance of color in one's home. She has created a color bar that one can easily take to paint stores, fabric stores, and the like. It helps one make those important choices.  Finally there is a grid with furniture pieces that can be used very efficiently in designing a room. There is a lot here in one package - a real bargain compared to the cost of an interior designer today.

 – Penny, Greenwich, CT

Everybody needs tools and this kit is an awesome tool!!!  Thank you, Lauren, for telling me about the product.  I will carry the Color Bars with me every time I go shopping!

– Debbie; Scottsdale, AZ

I just received the home decorating kit and looks like you have a really great product. I starting going through it and it’s very impressive. I actually had to put it away, but because I was getting too involved and was neglecting my work.

– Louis, Los Angeles, CA; age 40

The girls have had soooo much fun with your kit.  They took all the measurements at the new house by themselves with excitement.  And they didn’t stop there!  They even then did the family room and kitchenette by their rooms.  It let them feel like an important part of the decorating project.

– Liz, Woodside, Ca; Attorney at Law

Love, love, love my Elaine Ryan Home Decorating Kit!

– Jovi, Scottsdale, AZ; age 58

Love my Kit! Endless fun and play! If you love color, design or want to spruce up your surroundings at a low cost, this is a must buy.

– Mahsa, Santa Monica, CA; age 29

Hi Mother/Daughter Team!
Your home kit is an essential for the DIY Home Designer! Well worth the small price…filled with secret decorator & color tips that will really make a difference!

– Dian, Fairfax, CA; age 58

I thought I had my mind made up on exactly how I was going to decorate my new house. . . until I came across the Elaine Ryan Home Decorating Kit, which a friend suggested to me. The more I read and experimented with the kit, the more I changed my mind on how I wanted everything to look. I ended up making some bold choices that I would have never even thought of without this kit! My husband and I are thrilled with the changes we made and we have received many compliments on the new (and improved) look!

– Annie, Dallas, Tx

You can’t believe how dull my apartment used to look before I discovered the Elaine Ryan® Home Decorating Kit. It was entirely beige and boring, and it looked like everyone else's apartment. Now, my living room is filled with the colors that I love to live with, and I’m happy to say that my home reflects my personality.

– Jaimie, Brooklyn, NY; age 34

Elaine, my husband and I will be forever indebted to you. Thanks to your wonderful kit I easily transformed our boring bedroom to a sensuous bedroom. It wasn’t even hard to do! I just needed the steps and to know what worked and what didn’t. What a transformation!

– Danielle, Pittsburgh, PA; age 40

I cannot emphasize enough how many mistakes I made when attempting to matching colors correctly. That was before I used the Elaine Ryan Color Bars. It has been a very long and expensive lesson, one that I will happily never make again! Elaine said that I would “instantly become my own color expert” and boy, was she correct! The Color Bars are easy to use, and foolproof, too!  Now, I’m happy to report that the colors I selected in the common areas of our home look beautiful together. Next: on to the bedrooms…!

– Suzanne, Des Moines, IA; age 47

I can hardly believe that for years we used our bedroom only to sleep in. What used to be our catch-all room, and the last room we ever wanted anyone who visited us to see, is the first room we show them now. These days our bedroom is our retreat and our sanctuary. Thanks to the Elaine Ryan Home Decorating Kit I had so much fun creating our Sensuous Bedroom. And it’s so lovely!

– Alice, Memphis, TN; age 52

I wanted my nine-year-old daughter to have the bedroom she kept telling me she dreamed about having. But, whenever we looked at pictures in magazines and talked about her room we never could agree on colors for her room. When I got the Elaine Ryan Home Decorating Kit I quickly learned how to work with her to design her room – with my child instead of for my child.  And while we were working together we actually bonded together doing it!  My little girl loves her room - and so do I!!

– Stephanie, Sherman Oaks, CA; age 35

Elaine, I love those Color Bars you created.  I used them to bring in other colors with a wine colored sofa that I inherited from my family.  By following your simple instructions I was able to incorporate purples and yellows that work beautifully in the same room with the sofa.

– Jeanine, Scottsdale, AZ; age 46