Contained in a beautiful box, the ELAINE RYAN® HOME DECORATING KIT is revolutionary do-it-yourself product is for anyone who desires a beautiful home - but without the expense of hiring a professional interior designer. 

Inside the kit is everything you need to become your own home decorator:

  • Easy Start Guide - Your easy 10-step guide to using the kit.
  • Furniture Grid Board and Furniture Templates - Giving you the visual picture of your desired furniture arrangement before actually moving furniture around your room.
  • Elaine Ryan® Color Bars - Elaine's signature and most requested tool that automatically and accurately shows you which colors are compatible with one another.  Any tone, any value, any color.  Period.
  • Myths, Truths & Tips: Interior Designer's Secrets - Saving you a lot of money when using interior designer's resources and know-how. 
  • Designing Your Child's Bedroom with Your Child - Read about what happens when you share the designing experience with your child instead of for your child.
  • Transform Your Home From Nice to Knockout! - Elaine's insightful and inspirational book that encourages you to develop your own style while discovering your own personal colors.  Chapters include:
    • "Suddenly Single"? - Has a failed relationship or a death of a loved one depleted color and joy from your life?  Here's what you can do to bring joyful color back into your home's decor.
    • "You & Your Mother" - Does your mother's opinion make or break the opinion you have of own your decorating style?  Should you make a decorating choice that differs from your mother's decorating taste?  Elaine shares her tips to discover your own decorating style.
    • "The Supermarket Test" - Elaine's proven color test will take you to the produce section of your local grocery store.  Discover for yourself how the fruits and vegetables that you love, either because of the color or the taste, are the colors that resonate with you most and it's those that you may want to consider incorporating into your design scheme.  It really works!
    • "How To Create The Sensuous Bedroom" - Learn the easy steps to creating more intimacy in the bedroom through your design choices. 
  • These relevant topics, and so, so, so much more...

The Elaine Ryan® Home Decorating Kit is making your home decorating journey really easy, really fun, and very affordable.

P.S.  What a relief - no computer necessary!!!