The Elaine Ryan® Color Bars are the world's most simple color-matching system, because all of the colors are pre-matched for you!

There are Even-Numbered colors and Odd-Numbered colors.  All of the evens go with evens; all the odds go with odds.  (You never want to mix Odd colors with Even colors.)  There are 32 colors, and 4 of every color on each fan. (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Grey, and Brown).

Here's how they work:

Let's say that you have a yellow sofa in your living room, and you want to add other compatible colors to your room decor.  

Simply hold up the 4 yellows in your Even-numbered fan and the 4 yellows in your Odd-numbered fan vertically against your yellow sofa.  Determine which yellow most closely matches your yellow sofa.  Let's say it matches Yellow #27.  That means that your living room is an ODD-NUMBERED ROOM.  (Another room could be an Even-numbered room.)  So, when you're shopping the only thing you need to bring for paint colors, accent pillows, drapery, upholstery, rugs, artwork, etc. is your Odd-numbered fan.  Because, as long as the most predominate color looks good with any of the 4 of every color in your Odd-numbered fan, then you can be assured that it will look great with your #27 Yellow.  And, that way you won't make an expensive color-matching mistake!